SoundBaths with Emilia

These unique singing bowl concerts take place in the dramatic 5 Star Salt Caves and promotes healing benefits from BOTH the walls of Himalayan Salt and the soothing (and sometimes powerful) Sacred Sounds! 

...and while you are absorbing the beautiful vibrations of the sacred sounds, you will also benefit from the antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal properties of the salt cave environment.

Note: These events can have a powerful effect on the human psyche. The sounds are meant to be healing and transforming. They may activate powerful emotions and sometimes even trance-like states. Prepare to be deeply affected.


Current Schedule

Please click on "Register" to see the current class schedule. We currently have two practitioners, who offer sound baths in our cave. Each practitioner brings, not only their own collection of instruments, but also their own talents, expertise and unique energy to the event. If you are looking to book a session with a specific sound practitioner, please make sure you choose the correct one. In the side-bar on this page, as well as on the booking page, you can read more about each of them. Each event is highly unique and often reflects the audience present, as much as the artist/practitioner.

Private Events

 If you are interested in scheduling an event for your own private group, pleaese contact us at 855-578-2725, extension 4


IMPORTANT! Please read:
These events are very popular, and because of the special location (our salt cave), have a very limited number of seats available. Therefore our cancellation policy is 48 hours for a full refund and 24 hours for 50%.
Please note that we really do not want to charge for anyone who cannot attend, but will have to refuse seats to others and will not have time to re-book them, if you reserve seats and do not come or cancel on short notice!


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Price: $ 50 / person

Ann Gong sm

Emilia Rose Alley

Using the combination of different vibrations - the shruti box, voice, Tibetan sound bowls, tingcha, crystal bowl, crystal singing triangle, chimes, gong, and drumming, Emilia Rose Alley offers a journey journey, that can act as a form of meditation which can shift the brain state and stimulate healing. There will also be the opportunity to enjoy the magic of the Tibetan bowl vibrations directly on the body for a unique heart opening experience, all while comfortably lounging and enveloping the sacred magnetic frequencies of the Himalayan salt.