Power of Prana


The Power of Prana: Harnessing Your Life Force Energy to Heal and Thrive

A Life-Changing Experience in Transformational Breath®  
for beginners AND experienced breathwork practitioners!

  • Align your life at-will with the frequency of happiness and well-being
  • Easily and painlessly release the emotional blocks of stress, fear, & anxiety
  • Create the opening to receive more love, peace & joy
  • Unlock the magical portal that leads you to bliss

Learn the secret to accessing unlimited energy and creativity

to fuel your highest dreams and aspirations

This 2.5-hour event will include:

An orientation on the breathwork technique and its physical, emotional and spiritual benefits

A full, facilitated breath session inside our amazing Salt Cave

There will be time at the end to share experiences

CD’s and products will be available for purchase


“This was the MOST BLISSFULLY POWERFUL experience I have ever had...and I have experienced

a LOT of healing modalities in my time!”  -Eric Rehnke


“ I can say that since my introduction to breath work, I have felt in a more peaceful state of mind and

just generally happier.” -Kristin F.


“As I check in with myself after my breath session, I have an overall feeling of complete peace, and at the same time all lot of exciting ‘tingling’ energy... I feel a deep presence of connection with something greater…” -Celeste Howe

When: Wednesday, June 5th from 6:30pm-9pm

Where: 5 Star Salt Caves and Wellness Center, 722 S. Pearl Street, Denver CO 80209

What to wear/bring: Comfortable, loose fitting clothes, a pillow, blanket, water

bottle, and a pen/journal for taking notes

Investment for the Workshop:



Register round

$69 per participant
$59 if registered by June 3

5Star CH 300

With R. Christian Minson

R. Christian Minson is currently the resident Director of the Breathwork Program at Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. His credentials include: International Speaker, Best-Selling Contributing Author, Trainer, Coach and Founder of Breathflow Wellness, a transformational holistic health business. Christian also spent 10 years as a monk, meditating and serving in search of the deeper meaning of life. Now he helps others achieve greater spiritual and emotional intelligence by integrating trauma, releasing limiting habits, managing emotions, and teaching others to find meaning in their own lives and work. Christian delivers inspiration and practical real-world tools that result in lower levels of stress, greater emotional awareness, and higher levels of fulfillment and performance.