Power of Prana


“Power of Prana” Breathwork Experience by R. Christian Minson/ Breathflow Wellness

You are cordially invited to The Power of Prana, a 2-hour experience where you will be led on an amazing journey into the depths of your own being, using the vehicle of Breathflow integrative breathwork.

The breath is your divinely ordained tool for self-transformation. By harnessing your breathing to powerful Breathflow techniques, you can quickly learn the secrets of how to: 


  • Fully oxygenate the cells for more energy and vitality
  • Alkalize the body
  • Improve the immune system
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Better detoxification of your body


  • Easily release and clear emotional blocks by releasing the neuropeptides that are stuck in the body.
  • Open up to receive more love, peace and joy.
  • Develop a more harmonious relationship with all your emotions


  • Get in deeper touch with your intuition
  • Unlock your creativity
  • Feel more connected to your life and purpose
  • Facilitate more energy flow in the body for greater connection with Self.

These sessions begin with centering, intention setting and a brief explanation of the process. 

Next, you are expertly guided on a powerful transformational journey inside our amazing Salt Cave, using only the medicine of the breath. 

The time together ends with optional sharing of experiences, insights, and questions and answers around the journey.

Discover your untapped potential for health, healing and happiness!

Learn the secret to accessing unlimited energy and creativity

to fuel your highest dreams and aspirations



“This was the MOST BLISSFULLY POWERFUL experience I have ever had...and I have experienced

a LOT of healing modalities in my time!”  -Eric Rehnke


“ I can say that since my introduction to breath work, I have felt in a more peaceful state of mind and

just generally happier.” -Kristin F.


“As I check in with myself after my breath session, I have an overall feeling of complete peace, and at the same time all lot of exciting ‘tingling’ energy... I feel a deep presence of connection with something greater…” -Celeste Howe

What to wear/bring: Comfortable, loose fitting clothes, a pillow, blanket, water bottle, and a pen/journal for taking notes

Please arrive 15 minutes before the workshop starts.


Register round

$75 per participant

5Star CH 300

With R. Christian Minson

For the last 14 years, R. Christian Minson has been spreading the message and experience of how the practical and easy tool of conscious breathwork can profoundly enhance your energy levels, mental acuity, emotional balance and spiritual connectedness. Prior, Christian spent 10 years as a monk in dedication to a lifestyle of service and meditation practices to understand the deeper meaning of life.

He has served as Director of Breathwork at Rythmia Life Advancement Center, taught at the Chopra Center in La Costa, California, and shared his work alongside the well-known thought leader, Gregg Braden.