Flower Full Moon – Breathwork Ceremony


SATURDAY, May 25th, 2024 | 4:15 – 6:15pm

The Full Moon of May is named the Flower Moon to symbolize – you guessed it – all the flowers bursting into bloom right now. The last bit of frost is ending, and soil that was recently hard and cold is now bursting with life and possibilities.

This full moon is all about emerging through your frozen parts and blossom into your best self – reaching your highest potential. It’s a powerful reminder of the cycles of life in the importance of embracing change and growth. Astrologers believe that the Flower Moon signifies a perfect time to let out your deepest feelings and become more vulnerable.
All in all, the May Flower Moon is the best time to become your highest self, access new levels of abundance and prosperity, explore emerging horizons and set your vibration into a more positive, sunshine-inspired mood.

We can utilize the transformative Power of the Breath to let go and begin again, to welcome Springtime through inviting it’s gifts..


***NOTE: Please wear loose, comfortable clothing. It's preferable not to eat for at an hour prior.

Please arrive a few minutes early so as to be ready to begin by 4:15!



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$ 75 / person


With Dr. Rae Riedel

Dr. Rae has thirty-years experience in natural medicine. She is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Functional Medicine Practitioner. She holds a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and is Hakomi trained (Body Centered and Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy). She is Co-founder of Integrative Breathwork, training and certifying students in Breathwork  Facilitation. She blends the breath with cutting edge Science and Consciousness approaches. She has intensively studied nature-based wisdom traditions, and has been a student of Thomas Hübl (a modern day mystic) for 12  years, assisting him in his US based programs supporting the healing of Collective Trauma.